Quality is of great importance to us and is delivered through a team of highly trained and committed personnel who are fully licensed under Psira regulations. Our staff will work as part of your team to ensure a secure and friendly environment.


Recruitment, selection and vetting policies are of the highest standard, to ensure the security of your staff, property and premises as well as high standards of behaviour and performance. Our staff undergoes in-house training that ensures your security requirements at your specific premises are met.
We offer on site guarding solutions suitable for guarding valuables right through to access control for staff and or premises entry! Guards are available as patrol or access control sentries and should a client request armed sentries we are able to accommodate on request!


Systems can provide instant alerts when incidents occur, ensuring that crime against people, theft and vandalism are all substantially reduced. And when crime does occur, CCTV incident recordings can provide valuable evidence, improving the likelihood of a conviction. From system design, through to supplying, installation, commissioning and 24 hour support along with a maintenance program to suit you, SSJ will work with you, to ensure a safer, more secure environment.


Now with Broadband you are able to view your CCTV System remotely by computer screen any where in the world. This allows you viewing of premises, staff or your home even if you are not around
Since its inception, the goal has been to provide an unrivalled quality of service, cost effectively and to reinvest the profits in people and technology to underpin further company growth.


Many businesses and private residences do not monitor the coming and going of persons on their property. This, especially in business, can be detrimental and encourage theft!


Through our on-site guarding we can offer a single point entry with tried and tested controlling of access system. All persons or vehicles are monitored and their arrival and departure captured.
Full month end reports are available. We also offer access control gantries and electronic lockable entry points that are only accessible to personnel using either finger print technology or PIN numbers! With today's technology the sky is the limit and we offer it all!

Services - 24 Hour Monitoring

Getting value for money from your CCTV System If your objective is to prevent damage and the loss of assets then you need to ensure you can take action at the time that intruders who are about to attack your premises.


This can only happen with live remote (off site) monitoring. Intruders can be seen approaching the premises and immediate action can be taken to warn them off before they get into the premises, or deter them from staying there or alternatively getting an emergency response that would attend to provide damage limitation and positive action to protect your assets. Incidents normally occur when you are not there.



We strive to always do our best and encourage our staff to reach their full potential, we are a family orientated business and this has assisted the success of our service delivery.
Our community charity projects have instilled in all our staff the skills of helping each other up therefore merging a stronger bond of teamwork.

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